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Reporter Shaun Byron and Video Editor Andrew DuPont sound-off on whatever is on their minds, from politics to pop-culture, from movies to the main stream media. Local, national, world-wide? If it's in the media mix, these two are sure to have an opinion on it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Blog

In a world where everyone has their own blog, what's one more?

Well, with a majority of the blogs from The Oakland Press focusing on sports, I thought it would be nice to have one that focused on... well, everything else. The plan is for this blog to run the gamut of topics with a local spin. Shaun and I are both big movie buffs, so don't be surprised to see some film references in blogs that are not even about a particular movie.

Truth is I have an opinion on almost everything, and I'm never shy about voicing it, but what I'm hoping to do besides having the usual soapbox most blogs are, is shine a spotlight on the local angles to stories that might not otherwise be featured.

I also like lists, so every Friday I plan to to post the "Friday Five," which is pretty self-explanatory. Every Friday, my entry will be "Five things that..."

Hopefully, once people actually read this, I'll be able to get some feedback from readers. with blogs being a place to showcse opinions, I'm hoping readers will be willing to share theirs as well.


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