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Monday, June 1, 2009

A sacrifice for the next generation

President Obama spoke today about GM filing for bankruptcy, saying it would hopefully go as quickly as Chrysler's has.

One thing that Obama said stuck out in my mind. He said autoworkers are going to have to make a sacrifice, one that they didn't choose to make, but one they were called to make for the sake of the next generation. I wonder how many autoworkers see it that way.

While it's clear GM has a lot of problems it needs to resolve, it's always easier to call something a necessary sacrifice when you are not the one making the sacrifice. I'm hopeful about the plans set in place. GM will certainly be a smaller, but stronger, company when all is said and done, but when the that time comes, will those who had to make these sacrifices look back and say "it was worth it..." or will it be too much? The radical changes needed to save GM couldn't happen without sacrifices, but I'm sure many disagree on what is necessary.

I can't say if the ends will justify the means in this case, but I hope they do. As we all wait and see, I hope those making the sacrifices see the good that could come from it.

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