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Friday, November 6, 2009

Obama inspires Independence Day 2?

In a bizarre bit of news, director Roland Emmerich has said President Obama has inspired him to make a sequel to his Sci-Fi/Action film Independece Day, which starred Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum facing off against an alien invasion.

The reason he gave... the country needed a President that could be made into a "king" for the film, and "It was not thought that George W. Bush would have made a great king. Now with Obama, it's another story."

SPOILER ALERT Not to mention all the aliens are killed at the end of the first film and their mothership is destroyed by a nuclear weapon, so I'm not even sure how Emmerich sees a direct sequel making any sense. This is just weird. Of crouse it's all still in the planning stages, and it's not even confirmed that the film will get enough funding. Here's hoping it doesn't, as it sounds like a terrible concept already.

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