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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How fickle are we?

Toyota is, at for now, halting construction on a new plant (even though it is 90% complete) because they have seen Prius sales drop significantly since gas prices dropped a few weeks ago.

Seriously? Is the American public so fickle that we only care about reducing dependence on oil and better fuel economy when gas is over $2.00 a gallon? I honestly hope the drop is sales more a result of the slumping economy and not a knee-jerk reaction gas prices. For one, hybrid technology is a major step forward for the auto industry and we need to continue to support ways to improve our vehicles. But more importantly, these low gas prices are not going to last. Today again OPEC announced they are slashing production. Prices have already gone back up $0.30 a gallon in my neighborhood. I expect them to be back over $2.00 by mid-January at the latest. I'm hardly an economics expert, but it seems obvious the price plunge was more the result of the sudden stock market collapse than anything else.

The fuel crisis our nation faces has not passed, the coast is not clear from here on out. Believe me I am just as thankful for the lower gas prices as everyone else. I can't remember the last time I got by for two weeks with only $20 worth of gas, but I know realistically things won't stay this way for long. A permanant solution is still a ways off, and we need to keep working towards it.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jay Leno in prime time and Fallon at late night, give me a break

I've always liked Letterman better than Leno.
It's not that I don't find Leno funny.
I guess I just associate him too much with those Doritos commercials from the late 80s and early 90s.
But Letterman, when he was at the top of his game doing late night at NBC, the guy was hilarious.
I was among the fans championing him to get Carson's spot when he retired.
Alas, it went to Leno.
But that is all old news.
The new news is that NBC is going to cut back on their costs by throwing Leno at 10 p.m., giving his show to Conan O'Brien and then, of all people, Jimmy Fallon takes on the late shift.
FALLON?!! What, was Father Guido Sarducci busy?
Fallon has some big shoes to fill, and it's my guess his turn at late night will last about the same as Chevy Chase's rotten talk show.
But what does this all mean for NBC?
It means they won't have to pay for prime time dramas, which are a bit more costly when compared to a talk show.
It's an interesting idea, just not one I would bank on.
I don't follow who is the king of late night ratings, but I'm sure Conan is more than able to handle himself against Letterman.
I'm just not convinced Fallon is the right candidate to take the helm of a show that has been great for so long.
Other than the cost, probably a big reason for the move is the utter lack of good prime time television on NBC's part.
I'm probably in the minority of people who think "Heroes" is still good.
But then take a look at some of its other newest editions: An awful remake of "Knight Rider," and a terrible variety show starring Rosie O'Donnell?
I'd rather watch a PBS documentary on the manufacturing of marbles.
These are just two stink bombs the peacock trucked out like they had just reinvented the wheel.
I guess "Law and Order: Keweenaw County Sheriff," can't be too far behind.
I'll still watch Letterman after the nightly news when Leno takes his new spot in prime time.
And I'm sure I'll flip to Conan on the commercials.
But it looks like I'll be going to bed right afterward, like many other people.