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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reality TV's new star

Well, that was fast. A week after being dumped on national television, Melissa Rycroft, who turned down being the next Bachelorette, ended up being a last minute replacement for Access Hollywood Host Nancy O'Dell on Dancing with the Stars, who was injured during pre-show training.,

Now this is a stretch of the word "stars." Melissa seems like a good enough person, and she really did get screwed over by the producers of The Bachelor, but I'm shocked to see her back on TV so quickly, and in such a capacity, and on ABC of all networks. She obviously was stung by ABC enough to turn down being the Bachelorette, but Dancing with Stars is a safer show to join. No heartbreak, just fun, no real drama. Plus now she has been categorized as a "star" even though her claim to fame is extremly tenuous.

Some people may be surprised to learn this is actually Rycroft's third experience on a reality TV show. The former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader was featured on a CMT show about women trying out for the cheerleading squad prior to her appearance on the Bachelor.

Her quick leap between shows is proof Rycroft is definitely not shying away from the spotlight, and it seems the viewing public is happy to see her. It would seem we have a new reality TV star like Rob and Amber of Survivor/Amazing Race fame. The only question is... what show will she be on next?



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