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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

For better or for worse... Celebrity Apprentice is back

Donald Trump is back with another group of "celebrities" who have come together to raise money for charity and crawl back into the spotlight, if only for a moment. I've only ever caught partial episodes of The Apprentice before, but I decided to watch the season premiere of the new celebrity season this past Sunday because I wanted to see what celebrities were trying this time around. Of course it's obvious why Trump went with celebrities again instead of going back to the original formula of the show. Rating have dropped consistently between seasons 1 and 6, but the celebrity season was a big boost. After all, the winners of the other season never really got the dream jobs they were promised. That's not surprising though, since Trump pretty much uses the show to promote himself and his children now while looking for sponsors to pay for everything. Can you believe this guy has filed for bankruptcy numerous times and is currently hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, yet still tries to present himself and one of the best businessmen in history?

Needless to say, this season's roster is somewhat disappointing. The show is really using the term "celebrity" loosely. Sure, there are few people who are still popular and famous in their own right, but there are plenty of D-listers or otherwise nobodies who look like they are just trying to some attention.

Andrew Dice Clay? Really? Has he done anything in the last two decades? While it was annoying to see him walk and talk like he's still a big shot, it was funny to see his reaction upon seeing that both Joan and Melissa Rivers were on the women's team. He said what I, and I'm sure a lot of people were thinking at the time. Why is Melissa Rivers a "celebrity?" Her mother at least had some big deals in the past, though now she is just a reminder of what too much plastic surgery can do to a person. Melissa, on the other hand, is just a tag-along who has no discernible accomplishments apart from appearing alongside her mother. Having them both on show just made this even more painfully obvious.

Then there's Claudia Jordan. I bet you're thinking... "who?" I was too. You've probably never heard her full name before because Howie Mandell only says her first name when asking her to open case 17 on Deal or No Deal. Yep, that's what passes for a celebrity on this show, being one of two dozen models on a gameshow whose entire job consists of opening a briefcase an reacting to the contents.

I'm fairly certain the rating for this season will be pretty good. Heck, I might even watch again. There's something strangely comforting about watching celebrity trainwrecks, though by the time



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