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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Conan is back and as good as ever

Conan O'Brien returned to television last night as the new host of the Tonight Show and I think many fans breathed a sigh of relief when it was clear right from the start that Conan was not going to change his ways for the new time slot. Less than two minutes into the show he performed his oddball "string dance" followed by a brief monologue which took shots at NBC, LA, and GM.

Three video bits were featured as well, and Conan's first guest, Will Ferrell, was carried onto the stage by four men dressed as ancient Egyptian servants. There was no masturbating bear or Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, but there was no mistaking O'Brien brought his old tricks with him from New York.

Also making a return was drummer Max Weinberg and the Tonight Show Band (formally known as the Max Weinberg Seven) who opened the show with a variation on the familiar theme that has Conan has opened with for years.

Returning after the longest absence from the show was Andy Richter, O'Brien's former sidekick who left the show to pursue a career in film and TV. None of Richter's shows lasted very long and he never got more than a bit part in any major movie, so reuniting with O'Brien, even in a different capacity, seems like a return to where he fits best. Richter is now the announcer for the Tonight Show, and rather than sit next to O'Brien, Richter stands a podium off screen.

It's going to take some adjusting, but I think Conan O'Brien was the perfect choice to take over the Tonight Show and in a few weeks time it will be hard to imagine anyone else hosting it.
The only thing that felt awkward was Richter's role. He makes a fine announcer, but throughout the show it seemed he wasn't sure if and when he should chime in with his opinion. He'll have to get used to his new role and the fact that an announcer, unlike a sidekick, doesn't have to banter throughout the show.

Overall though, late night TV just got a lot better.

You can watch the full episode on Hulu



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