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Friday, November 7, 2008

Did Oprah rock the vote?

Yesterday I got an e-mail with pictures of celebrity houses.
One of those homes was Oprah's mansion.
Later that night, she was guest starring on "30 Rock."
Then today, I see the transcripts from an interview on Fox News' Web site questioning if Oprah is turning red states blue.
I always find celebrities stumping for politicians to be annoying.
I'm sure there are people out there who base their political views on what their favorite actor, actress or entertainer does or promotes.
I just can't understand why.
While I hold nothing against Oprah, I do find her hard to stomach and can't understand the attraction people have toward that type of programming.
So, for argument's sake, let's take a celebrity I do like.
Bruce Springstein is a favorite of mine. I enjoy his music. I'd pay to see him in concert.
However, I wouldn't base my vote on what he has to say politically (that is in no way to say I'm a card carrying member of the GOP either).
Celebrities to me are just people who got lucky in life.
Some have worked hard and benefited from that work.
Others, i.e. Paris Hilton, were born into wealth and privilege. That has led them to get record deals and television shows.
Either way, we don't know them personally. We don't know what they are like when the cameras are off.
How many of them know what it is like to struggle with bills in an economy that is going down the tubes?
How many of them care about their fans that pay through the nose to see their movies or listen to their music?
How many of them take the time to read a newspaper or go online to study up on the issues?
And how many of them just blindly cast their support behind a candidate because it's the fashionable thing to do?
I'm glad to hear so many people went out and voted, but I hope they did so by really digging into the issues, rather than what Oprah or Chuck Norris had to say.



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