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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ah... Hypocrisy

So Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck want President Obama to fail.

Who cares?

Apparently many liberal politicians and pundits do.

Who cares?

Apparently many conservative politicians and pundits do.


Because now, just a few short years after saying questioning the President (Bush at the time) was un-American, those same people are pulling a 180 and attacking anyone who suggests wanting the President to fail is anything but patriotic.

Does anyone think Limbaugh and Beck don't want to see people get their jobs back and see the country flourish? Of course not, they don't want Obama to fail in his objective, they want his methods to fail.

It's absurd for either side to suggest that questioning or outright disagreeing with an elected official is unpatriotic. It's equally absurd to switch stances on the issue depending on who is in office at the time.

I would hope everyone involved with politics has better things to discuss than the patriotic nature of their discussions. Don't we have enough problems to focus on?



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