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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blagojevich and the softer side of media?

Lately, embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has been making the rounds to defend himself.
He's appeared on day-time talk shows like "The View" and "Good Morning America," all the while saying he is innocent. He's also made a stop to talk to CNN's Larry King.
I'm not saying the Democratic governor is guilty or not, but he's obviously decided to avoid programs that have much more aggressive reputations when it comes to asking the tough questions.
Sure he has every right to defend himself and should be afforded that right. I would think, however, if I were a resident of Illinois, I'd like to see him hit the curve and fast balls from reporters willing to throw them.
Any politician with the ability to become governor surely has the stuff to knock the softballs out of the park lobbed by daytime television's brain trust reporters.
As for King, his relevancy as a reporter has pretty much fizzled like his marriages.
The sugar coated statements Blagojevich makes about his children asking if "daddy" will be governor are so sickening, it's as if he's clinging to any kind of sympathy he can get.
A far cry from the foul language he's accused of using.
Probably the only thing a resident of Illinois has to look forward to is when the whole mess is over and the state can move on from the entire mess.


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