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Friday, September 4, 2009

Objections to Obama's school video are beyond absurd

Normally, I try to see both side of an issue even if I disagree with one side completely. This time however, there's nothing to be said for those pulling their kids out of school to prevent them from watching a 15-minute video from President Obama about the importance of staying in school.

The irony of it all is almost too much to handle.

Even L. Brooks Patterson said he thinks the purpose of the speech is to "brainwash these children at that early age to believe Obama is the messiah"

Please Patterson, spare us the melodramatic hyperbole and tell us specifically what is wrong with the leader of the country telling children it's important to stay in school?

What's next? If Obama makes a "don't do drugs" video are parents going to make their kids smoke pot in protest?

This is beyond absurd. Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush both made similar addresses during their tenures in office. Liberals went equally off the deep end back then about Bush's speech and made an absurd amount of noise about something that most people probably don't even remember. Heck, I was in grade school when it happened and I don't remember a word of what was said. The point is, it's stupid regardless of which side does it. Liberals were wrong then, and conservatives are wrong now.

This knee-jerk reaction to the speech has, ironically, shown those making the outcry to be blindly partisan and paranoid. What exactly are they afraid Obama is going to say? Are they worried he is going to end the video by reminding kids to go home and tell their parents to support his health care initiatives or vote Democrat? How can anyone think a "stay in school" video will turn into some sort of brainwashing propaganda piece? If you do, your tinfoil hat may be on too tight.

I've yet to read any legitimate criticism of this video being shown to students. The only consistent theme seems to be those objecting to it simply don't like Obama and therefore, nothing the man says can have any value. The worst part is, parents telling their children nothing Obama says can be good are telling their children how to think rather than letting them do so for themselves. Who's really brainwashing?



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