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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Intolerance in a small Florida town

For my final In the Mix blog, I'm going to be examining an outrageous example of guilt by association.
In Fort Myers Beach, Fla., former Town Manager Scott Janke was fired last week after city officials discovered his wife - Anabela Mota a.k.a. Jazella Moore - was an adult film star.
I think as little of porn stars as a typical American, but I think even less of these city officials.
Disapprove of a person's wife's choices all you want, but the city's decisions were not the ways to act on that disapproval.
Here are a couple reasons why not:
First, because city council fired Janke without cause, they will now have to pay him six months worth of severance pay and benefits. That will amount to about $50,000, a huge amount of money for a town of roughly 6,500 residents, especially during this economic downturn.
Second - and most importantly - I find cowardice disgusting, and all these officials are cowards. They are cowards for punishing a man for the actions of his wife. Though most will probably find her actions objectionable, they were completely legal (as far as I know) and okay with Janke.
If the officials could not have convinced Mota to end her adult entertainment career without attacking Janke, they should have been adults and moved on.
Despite the unfortunate turn of events for this couple, I take some consolation in the fact that these officials have been exposed for the intolerant idiots that they are.


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