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Friday, September 11, 2009

Who's the real winner the "You Lie" debate? Rob Miller

Two days ago, very few people probably even knew who Rob Miller was, but now, thanks to Joe Wilson, Miller has raised $800,000 in less than 48 hours by doing little besides twittering.

Miller, who is running against Congressman Wilson in 2010, suddenly has a formidable amount of financial backing. After word of the surge of donations made the news, Sean Hannity encouraged supporters of Wilson to donate to him as well. Today CNN is reporting that Wilson has also raised about $200,000, which when combined with the $200,000 he already had on hand, he's still only about half-way to what Miller raised in less than 2 days.

But even if there was no money to speak of, the attention the two men have gotten has almost completely benefited Miller. Wilson is, for the most part, in a no-win situation until the heat dies down. Come November 2010, this will likely be old news, but for now, Wilson has yelled out, which made him look uncivil and disrespectful, he apologized, which made him look spineless to his supporters, then went on to talk to Hannity seeming unapologetic, which made him look two-faced and even more spineless (if he only apologized because the higher-ups told him to). The best thing he can do now is keep his head down unil the smoke clears. Today's media thrives on knee-jerk reactions, and Miller is benefiting from those reactions. But the election is a long way off. Instead of feeding into the frenzy, he needs to go back to doing his daily job as Congressman and let the smoke clear.



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