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Monday, November 17, 2008

An unearthed Beatles' track?!

I was born too late to experience the onslaught of The Beatles to America.

My earliest memories of the famous four pretty much are relegated to hearing my mom play Rubber Soul (still my favorite album) and Revolver on the record player (and then CD player when I was a teenager).

I was hooked.

Now comes news of the 14-minute "Carnival of Light" track and that it will finally see the light of day, at least, according to Paul McCartney.

According to reports, it is said to feature distorted electric guitars, discordant sound effects, a church organ, and gargling sounds, as well as McCartney and John Lennon screaming phrases like "Barcelona" and "Are you all right?"

I can't help but wonder if it's truly a piece of avant-garde experimentation or just a bunch of noise that was combined following an acid trip.

I can't wait to hear it, although, there is a sneaking suspicion I have that maybe there was a good reason this track wasn't released.



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