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Friday, April 3, 2009

Is Madonna trying to be a mom, or just promot herself

It's hard to really think of Madonna as being relevant in the whole pop artist who uses sexuality to shock audiences.
She almost put herself in a situation of self parody, having done almost everything but released a pornographic video of herself to anger up the blood of conservative religious groups.
Now she's attempting to adopt another child from a third-world country and is appealing a court ruling in Malawi to do so.
She's already adopted one child from the country (a practice Angelina Jolie has pioneered).
Critics argue she is using her star power to circumvent the law.
Other people condemn her because of the estimated half-million of children in the U.S. foster care system.
It's almost like some kind of weird celebrity accessory, like you are only the coolest if you can do this.
To me, if Madonna really wanted to so something for the children of this country, she'd use her money to help build schools or even try to establish a place where orphaned children of this country can live.
Instead, she treats it like a chance to get her name out in the media.
After all, how many silver hardcover books chuck full of nude pictures of yourself.


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