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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Academy Awards changes are of the wrong kind

Too bad that when the Academy Awards finally get revamped, the changes that have been made are unnecessary.
A few days ago, the Academy Awards organizers made three major announcements about next year's show: there would be 10 (instead of five) Best Picture nominations, no pieces would be nominated for Best Song if they did not match certain criteria and the honorary Oscars would be announced outside the main broadcast.
These changes could possibly help the Oscars' TV ratings, decreasing time for the least popular segments while increasing focus on the more anticipated parts. Also, this could bring about an increase in ticket sales as movie studios will be marketing more movies during the pre-award season.
However, these organizers missed some huge opportunities to honor people in fields they have previously overlooked.
For instance, why not finally add an Academy Award for Best Stunts? These people risk their lives every day in the name of art - and sometimes pay the ultimate price. How about Best Special Effects - different from visual effects - for all the pyrotechnicians or honoring the minor actors with a Best Ensemble Cast award?
While the Academy Awards organizers try to increase their TV viewership, they've forgotten to try to increase their validity and significance. Let's just hope the right changes aren't too far along.
What about you, dear readers? Which Oscars do you think should be added - or subtracted - from the repertoire?


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