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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why is 'Pregnant Man' controversial news?

Thomas Beatie has had another child, and while many mainstream media outlets, including Oprah, embrace the Beatie, others seems shocked and abhorred at the idea of a pregnant man, comparing Beatie to circus attraction. A pregnant man is so unnatural (unless we're talking about seahorses) to some people that Beatie is looked upon as some kind of freak of nature.

Let's get one things straight, Beatie, born Tracy, is not really a man, not in the biological sense. She takes male hormones (thus the facial hair and muscle mass) and had her breasts surgically removed, but that's it. She is still techincally a woman, so concieving and giving birth to a healthy child is not a medical marvel by any stretch of the imagination. People just got weirded out by seeing someone who looks like a man being pregnant.

State law may recognize Beatie as a man, but nature still classifies her as a woman. People may find her decision to alter her appearance strange, but that does not make anyone a freak of nature, and the only controversy I see here is people making way too big a deal out of someone's appearance.


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