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Monday, June 22, 2009

Vino Vidi Vici!

Here's an example of the type of thinking that will keep independent filmmaking alive.
Iconic director and winemaker Francis Ford Coppola - who was once one of Hollywood's most popular auteurs, but is now struggling to regain the critical and financial power he once possessed - is using an unconventional method to fund his latest film "Tetro."
"Tetro" - about an Italian-American family in Buenos Aires - has been financed and, to some degree, distributed by Coppola. The movie has earned arguably more critical acclaim than any of his films since 1979's "Apocalypse Now."
Coppola wants this film to have a longer theatrical run, so he recently began producing more ads for his Claret Diamond Red Wine. If his plan is successful, the boost in win sales could result in more showings for "Tetro."
Here's the situation for the independent filmmakers who don't already know: you're on your own. This is an age where typical Americans facing uncertain times mostly want to watch big budget escapist fare, not inventive films usually found in indie theaters. And Hollywood producers know this.
If an old school filmmaker icon like Coppola is struggling to keep "Tetro" in theaters, the rest of you will have to be even more inventive to see your films released.
If there's one thing moving media cannot afford to lose, it's independent film. So, good luck and cheers.


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