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Monday, June 29, 2009

Fred Travalena dies! Who is he?

I wouldn't want to be the C-list celebrity that dies the same day as someone famous.
But in the case of master impressionist and late night talk show comedian Fred Travalena, he got upstaged by the bearded, shouting pitchman for household cleaners.
Pitchman Billy Mays, 50, seems to have stole the spotlight from the 66-year-old comedian.
It's unfortunate that either man is no longer around.
But, it has to stink a little when you've been on television for four decades and worked as a headliner at Atlantic City and Las Vegas to be upstaged by the shouting OxiClean guy.
However, I admit I didn't know who Fred Travalena was until I looked him up on Google.
Then I remembered seeing him on David Letterman a couple times.
Guess if you're low on the celebrity totem pole, hope you die on a slow news day.


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