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Friday, November 28, 2008

Five reasons we all lose on Black Friday

Well, it's here. The most anticipated day of the year by bargain hunters and retail corporate CEO's. Black Friday. Now the Christmas season has officially officially been officially made official, every thing's great, right? No, unfortunately. Black Friday is nothing to get excited over. In fact, it's something worth despising. Here's why:

5) It's not enough... it never is...
Even if the stores make big profits today, it's not nearly enough. Then all we hear for weeks is whether or not these companies are making enough money. Are we buying enough? If not, we're made to feel guilty. Anyone who decides not spend their entire paycheck on Christmas gifts is told they are contributing to the collapse of the global economy. Unfortunately this will probably never end as long as so many companies over-invest in expansions and marketing throughout the rest of the year and then depend on big holidays sales to pay for all of it.

4) Cuing has become a sport
A few years back, big sales might get dozen or so dedicated shoppers waiting outside a store. But in recent years, something has changed. Waiting in line has almost become a sport, with some showing so much competitive motivation as to get there days ahead of time. And why is this news? It's not. But sure enough we see on the news every time a new videogame system comes out, every time a new iGadget is released, and now, every Thanksgiving. Tents, space heaters, laptops, blankets, camping chairs, all in a neat line wrapping around the front of the local Best Buy or department store, with people anxiously willing to give up hours, sometimes days of their lives, to save $100 on a computer. I get the impression some do it now for the attention, knowing there's a good chance a local news crew with be out there to film a fluff piece. They seem to like being first in line for some kind of bizarre bragging rights. But I guess you have to admire the dedication of some, willing to give up a holiday with their loved ones to sit outside in the cold. I couldn't do it. I wouldn't want to. I've never seen a sale on anything worth it.

3) The stuff you're waiting for isn't worth it
I worked in retail for years. Books, electronics, movies, music. You name it, I sold it. And if I didn't, odds are a friend of mine did. A plethora of sources can confirm a lot, if not all, of the "doorbuster" items being sold for crazy prices, are garbage. Whether they're last years models or off-brand products, odds are these items are inventory surplus trying to be unloaded. Now that Black Friday rabid shoppers have become an anticipated yearly staple, what better way to get rid of the cheap junk than to mark it down to clearance prices and call it a deal? Guess how much of it gets returned. Sure, there are some decent items that get a discount, but nothing you couldn't find on Amazon or sites like

2) So much for the holiday spirit
It never fails... Every year there are stories about the long lines, followed by stories about the fights that break out when there aren't enough ePods or SUNY flatscreens to go around. As fun as some people make waiting in lines in the cold for hours, it seems to grate on the nerves of most. Then things explode. Shouting matches, fist fights. And all over Christmas gifts?

1) People die.
Two people shot in a Toys R' Us in California, while in New York, a Wal-mart employee was trampled and a pregnant woman injured by shoppers who even pushed their way passed emergency workers trying to help. How can an obsession with consumption be so absorbing that even the death of a man cannot stop people from pushing to try and get a cheap TV? This isn't a game. This isn't a competition. Lives have been destroyed or ended entirely because we're hyped up to shop today.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They need to ban Black Friday---commercial nonsense and no item is worth a mans life.

December 25, 2008 at 9:30 AM 

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